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I am a web application developer who returned to Hong Kong after spending many years in the United Kingdom, specialising in developing business web sites with fully customised database driven Content Management Systems (CMS), written to the specification based on the requirements of each particular client. Such systems were provided so that each client can have full control of what goes on their website, hence they can update it directly in-house whenever they wish. As well as CMS, I have also programmed websites with e-commerce shopping carts, members login areas, complex spreadhseet calculations, dynamic graphical chart generators, mailing list generators and batch senders, etc., down to the basic static websites.

I have also developed customised CD graphical user interface (GUI) for clients who have need for software bundling CD to be included with their hardware package, as well as training CDs for the company's internal use, and brochure type CDs demonstrating what their products are all about.

A copy of my CV is available here (Requires Acrobat Reader)

The Tanita website enables their administrators full control of the content of the website, including updating of the newsrooms stories, product descriptions and prices, stockists details, FAQs, links, "See us at" events, user comments, plus a lot more others, in a total of 28 categories via the advanced Content Management System.


Rede Design is an established UK design company who specialises in developing inspiring and individual marketing material. Their website is developed completely in Flash.


VELO, one of the UK's leading independent vehicle leasing and fleet management specialists, launches new website with full content management system.

Web Portfolio

My website portfolio includes clients from the UK such as property developer Shaftesbury, hardware tools manufacturer Mills Limited, pharmaceutical and toiletry products manufacturer DDD Group, government department INREB, and health monitoring manufacturer Tanita.

CD Portfolio

My CD portfolio includes clients such as spectacles manufacturer Specsavers, electronics goods producer EPSON and UK government agency CACHE.